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Save More Money This Summer with These 8 Easy Tips 

When the weather finally changes for the better and summertime rolls around, people tend to go out more and spend more as a result. Then, before you know it, autumn comes, and your bank account is looking worse for wear.

But instead of letting loose from June to September, you can still enjoy yourself while saving. Feel free to take advantage of these 8 easy tips to save more money this summer.

1. Fill Your Freezer with Refreshing Treats

Ice cream is synonymous with summer, but you might not realize just how much you can spend during a season. Instead of going out each time for ice cream or other cold treats, you should fill your fridge and freezer with cheaper grocery store alternatives or homemade products.

2. Skip the Gym This Summer

Instead of sweating it out in a gym and spending lots of money on memberships, take a break this summer. After all, you’ll want to be outside most of the time, and you can always get the exercise that way. One thing to check before you cancel is if there are any steep fees when it comes time to rejoin your gym.

3. Check Your Budget

Longer summer days give you more time to enjoy a light breeze and check your yearly budget on the porch. [1] If your plan was created in January, the halfway point during hot summer months is the perfect time to see how you’re doing.

4. Compare and Shop Around for Vacations to Save Money

Anyone with a habit of going away for a trip each summer can do a lot to spend less while still traveling. [2] The first thing you should do is compare offers. If none fit your budget, avoid peak months and go during May or September to get the best deal.

5. Avoid Bars by Hosting Drinks at Your Home

Even if you’re hitting the bars for happy hour, you can still spend a ton of cash with drinks in the range of $7 to $20. [3] Hosting a party at home with friends can be even better and cost much less.

If you don’t have a garden or patio, you can ask a friend, or have fun in your local park, if it’s drinking is allowed.

6. Don’t Spend More Than You Have to on Groceries

To save money this summer, try to price shop for groceries to bring costs down. If you’re willing to put in the time and look for discounts, you can save quite a lot of cash.

7. Keep an Eye out on Your Thermostat

Those that have air conditioning may be tempted to turn their house into a freezer, but this is where you can save a lot of money. A thermostat change as small as 78 to 72 degrees can save you 10 to 12% on your bill. [3] Another cost-effective measure is to combine a ceiling fan with your AC.

8. Use Your Local Library

Instead of spending cash on new books on Amazon, you can source your beach reading material for a fraction of the cost with a library card.


With a little planning and some small adjustments, you can still enjoy this summer while saving money. Review your spending, take advantage of budget-friendly alternatives, and have fun.





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