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4 Best Cable Companies For Seniors

Seniors can get considerable discounts on their cable package from most companies. Most cable company discounts aren’t advertised, so you’ll need to ask a sales agent about your options.

If you want to save yourself some valuable time, keep reading this article and find out about the best cable discounts for seniors. We’ll go over 4 popular cable and internet providers that might help you in your search.

1. Spectrum

Spectrum offers a hefty discount to seniors over the age of 50. They vaguely advertise their discount on the AARP website.[1] Your best bet is to call them and speak to one of their sales representatives. They offer different types of discounts. For example, as a registered senior customer, you can get one free month of cable for every 12 months you use their service.[2] Spectrum also offers a discount to users of the government assistance program LIfeLine.[3]

Spectrum’s monthly cable fees start at $44.99 per month. This basic package has 200+ HD  channels. If you’re hesitant about switching your provider, Spectrum offers $500 to new customers. You can use the $500 to buy out of your existing cable contract.

2. AT&T

AT&T are working hard to attract new senior customers. Their website is very vague when it comes to senior discounts, but they do offer a $10 discount if you bundle your internet package with TV services.[4] Despite not having a clear discount for seniors, they do provide a wide range of internet plans. You can use the internet to watch your favorite TV programs. You can sign up for their  U-verse TV and get Fiber Internet and 190+ channels for $75 a month.[5]

3. Mediacom

If you live in the Midwest or South area of the US, you can sign up for Mediacom. Because the company operates in a small market, they offer very competitive discounts for its customers. You can get their bundle of FamilyTV and Internet for only $99.98 per month. The package includes 170+ channels and all On Demand programming.[6] This is the best option for people looking to get a bundle deal on their internet and cable TV.

4. Comcast

Comcast is very focused on their senior customers. They offer a program called Internet Essentials. This program is specifically designed for seniors. People over the age of 62 can sign up for this program and get a monthly internet plan. The Internet Essentials program allows seniors to buy a laptop and get internet access for only $149.99.[7] In some parts of the country, senior citizens can get a 10 percent discount on their basic cable package.[8] Comcast has partnered with Xfinity and now owns the majority of the American cable and TV market.[9]

Final Thoughts

People who are AARP members can get fantastic discounts on their monthly cable plan. The only thing you need to do is some research. The easiest way to get all the information about discounts is to call the cable company of your choice. You can speak with a sales representative about your options. You should also look into bundling your cable with other services to achieve a higher discount.


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