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Dating Online: 5 Tips to Create a Good Profile

It has become common for people to meet through online dating websites, but despite that, dating isn’t any easier than before. It can be hard and discouraging, particularly if you don’t know how to make the most of your online dating profile.

Luckily, it just takes a nudge in the right direction for most people to create a good profile and finally get some matches. With that in mind, here are our tips for doing just that.

1. Be honest

Honest is among the seven qualities of an ideal partner, according to popular online dating website eHarmony. [1] It might be easy and enticing to embellish things, but remember that your goal is to meet a person in real life.

Therefore, be honest and present your interests and hobbies, instead of offering something you think potential partners will like. With this approach, you’ll have more confidence when meeting people.

2. Choose an Accurate Profile Photo

When applying, the majority of dating sites will tell you to use your real photo and to avoid selfies. Even though selfies are incredibly common, Zoosk reports that people who use selfies as their main profile photo lower their response rate by 8%. [2]

Ask a friend or family member to snap a picture of you and use adequate lighting. What’s more, make it a full-body photo because it can give you over 200% more messages, according to Zoosk. [3] Lastly, avoid hats, sunglasses, and other things that obscure your face.

3. Add an Interesting or Icebreaking Question

To help create a stand-out profile, and entice people into contacting you, put an icebreaking or interesting question into your profile. If you can’t come up with anything, there are many sites where you can look for help.
Moreover, you can try Sweet Pea, a dating app that helps kick off chats with fun questions, but you have to add one when opening your profile. [4]

4. Keep it Short and Sweet

Too much information can harm your chances of getting matches. Instead of going in-depth, keep it short and to the point. Give people enough to interest them. For example, if you’ve just finished up a vacation, mention it, maybe post a photo, but don’t give out all the details.

5. Be positive

Giving off a negative vibe is never a good idea as most people on dating sites want to find someone who’s fun and upbeat. State by adding your likes instead of your dislikes, for example. Tell people what you like to do and what inspires you.

Dating Sites Differ – Pick the Best One for You

These dating profile tips go a long way on any website or app, but you need to find a platform that best suits your needs. There are dozens and dozens of different online dating services available, so sometimes it’s as important to carefully craft a profile as it is to find the right place to share it with other people.

Fortunately, you can quickly and easily search online, compare different pros and cons, and find the right place for you.





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