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Top Wireless Security Systems to Protect Your Home

Wireless technology is nothing short of a revolution and has transformed our everyday lives for the better. Before wireless alarm systems, you had to use hard-wired ones that have their challenges and downsides. The most obvious one was running cables throughout your house to connect all the sensors and cameras, and in the process drilling holes and making a mess. Even worse was the fact that you had to upgrade occasionally and sometimes go through the whole wiring process again.
However, that is in the past and wireless alarms are taking over. So, If you still haven’t switched over, or if you’re looking to upgrade, here’s a rundown of the best wireless alarm systems.

AAS 100
First on our list is the AAS 100 Wireless Home Security Alarm System. It has a near perfect rating on Amazon, although not many people have reviewed it.  Moreover, it has 32 defensive zones and sensors that you can set up around your house.  To avoid downtime during power outages, it comes with a back-up power system, so you don’t have to worry even in those situations. An additional benefit with this system is that it can store up to 6 phone numbers.  Some of the things people said were that it is easy to set up and that they’re glad there’s no bill involved at the end of the month. At the time of writing this review, this security system was listed on Amazon.com for $179.99.

Another high-quality alarm system is the GE51107 Smart Home Wireless Alarm System which had an even better rating than the first product on our list thanks to some cool features. For example, when the sensors pick up that a door or window was opened, the system lets out an ear-shattering 120-decibel alarm that is bound to alert the neighbors and scare off a thief mid-burglary. Furthermore, a four-button keypad is used to set security codes and to disarm the system, while a delay feature helps prevent false triggers. Finally, three alarms come with this product which you can place on the windows of your choice.  The product has been available since January 2010 and listed for just $25 on Amazon.

Skylink SC-1000
An alarm that got a 4/5 rating from 66 customers is the SkylinkSC- 1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System. One of the improved features of this alarm is that it has storage for up to nine phone numbers in case of an emergency. Another great feature is that false triggers are greatly reduced with something called “rolling code technology.” The Skylink SC-1000 goes for $139.56 on Amazon.

AAS 600
Something that the previously mentioned alarms don’t have is incorporated into the AAS 600 Wireless Home Security System. This is the option that informs you when your phone line is being cut. Additionally, this alarm has 32 defensive zones, and again each zone has three sensors in it, although it can be increased to 96 sensors. Silent and audible alarm modes are also available, as well as the previously mentioned rolling codes technology. Although it is the most expensive alarm on our top list with an Amazon price of $329.99, it’s worth the price and has excellent customer reviews.

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