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Here’s How to Earn a $300+ Sign-Up Bonus with New Bank Accounts

It’s no secret that banks like to offer incentives and sign-up bonuses for new accounts. We’ve searched high and low for these offers and bring you some of the best we’ve found. That’s why a lot of banks are offering sign-up bonuses of $300 or more just so you open an account with them.

Even better, online banking is widespread and it passes the savings of not having a physical location on to customers. After all, once you open a new account with a bank, you might use it to get a credit card, buy a car, start your savings, or use any number of services from the same bank.

The Best Bank Account Bonuses in 2019

1.Chase Total Checking – $200 Bonus

To qualify for the Chase Total Checking bonus, you have to start by opening a new account, leaving a $25 deposit and lastly, you’ll need to arrange a 60-day direct deposit. After that, and 10 business days, you’ll see a $200 bonus in your new account.

2. Chase Savings – $150 Bonus

Chase Bank provides an enticing $150 bonus without having you commit a large sum of money. After an in-person or an online sign-up, you need to deposit $10,000 in 20 business days to qualify. To avoid a $5 monthly fee for maintenance, always keep a balance of $300 and tie the account to a direct deposit with a regular schedule.

3 Citibank Checking and Savings Account Package – $500 Bonus

The bonus Citibank offers is among the largest we were able to find, and they don’t have a significant requirement when it comes to deposits. To get $400 for signing up to their checking and savings account package, you need a deposit within 30 days to the tune of $15,000. If the money stays in your account for a total of 60 days while you make a direct deposit for two consecutive months, you’ll receive an additional $100.

4.Discover Cashback Checking – Max $360 Bonus per Year

The bonus offered with a sign-up to Discover Cashback Checking is among the easiest to get. To be eligible, open your new account, make a deposit of any amount, and begin making daily purchases with the included debit card. This can net you a cash back bonus of 1% with a $3,000 monthly limit ($36,000 per annum) and this is automatically put back into your account without any hidden terms or a catch.

5.HSBC Premier Checking – $750 Bonus

The granddaddy of bonuses comes from HSBC with their Premier Checking account on the condition that you deposit $100,000 within the first 30 days. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a saving, checking, or investment account that the deposit ends up in.

Advantages of Online Banking

Using online banking is incredibly convenient since you can do everything anywhere if you have a mobile device and an internet connection. And since there are no costs associated with physical bank branches, they can use that money for sign-up bonuses. There are incredible offers out there if you’re willing to do some research.


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