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Four Car GPS Systems That are Better Than Any Map App

For the navigationally challenged among us, GPS systems are true life-savers! They have completely taken over the place of paper maps and random strangers at the side of the road. While phone apps are usually enough when you get confused in the city, for those serious about navigation there are some great options when it comes to stand-alone GPS systems. If you need one, we have compiled a list for you to get you started. All of them have standard GPS features, and each one has a specialty feature that sets them apart from the rest.

Garmin Nuvi 57LM – Never Go Over the Speed Limit Again!

The 5-inch display of this system clearly shows you the numerous options it has. It gives directions in a clear and understandable way, showing you at the same time where you currently are and where you are going next. It also has a very handy feature of keeping track of the speed limits for you. Garmin’s partnership with Foursquare gives you a massive database of venues you can visit, while Garmin Real Directions system has the option to use landmarks and other denominators to provide you with more thorough and understandable directions – another fantastic option for those who are not all that great with street names.

Garmin DriveAssist 51 – Two for One!

Yet another Garmin system on our list. What sets this one apart from its competition is its integrated dash-cam. The audio recording is optional, but what is not optional is the immediate storage of footage and GPS coordinates in the case of an accident. Aside from that, the dash-cam can issue all kinds of warnings to the driver. Among other notable features, we have to mention that it gives you real life relevant parking information, as well as the ability to connect with your smartphone for additional features. Finally, maps for North America have a free update for as long as the device functions.

TomTom VIA – Double Screen for Double Effectiveness!

This system’s display can turn into a touch screen if you need to type in your destination quickly. But its best feature is its split screen. In this mode, you can keep an eye on your current location while simultaneously planning your route. Its EasyMount mount is sleek, thin and easily stored away. Finally, its enormous travel database will give you the fastest routes and the most accurate estimated time of arrival in the field.

Garmin DriveSmart 61 – A No-fuss GPS Machine!
The DrieSmart 61’s edge-to-edge screen with a touch feature adds elegance to your dash while simultaneously giving everyone an excellent view of your progress with its 6.95-inch size. This one has multiple additions available via smartphone such as DriveSmart which allows you to use voice command navigation, among other things. As far as keeping track of new maps, this one is perhaps most straightforward of all. You only need to park near a Wi-Fi, connect to it and let the system do the rest. This alone makes it a serious contender in the sea of GPS systems which gets bigger by the day.

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