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5 Reasons Why You Should You Go To Trade School

College is pushed everywhere as the only option after high school that will ensure you a good career and a hefty paycheck. However, that is not the case. If you know what field interests you, trade schools are an excellent way to acquire the education, the training, and the experience necessary for a good career in the future. We have five top reasons why you should seriously consider enrolling in one.

No Student Debt!
Aside from having to commit four years of your life to the university when you enroll, the cost of it is enormous. The Simple Dollar reports that a university education will set you back $127,000 on average. Juxtaposed to the estimated price of $33,000 for a trade school education leaves us with a whopping $94,000 in the bank. Furthermore, the statistics for drop-out rates are not kind. About 40% of students quit university before acquiring their degree, says the National Center for Education Statistics [1]. The result is a life saddled with student debt and no way to pay it off.

There’s Always Work!
Trades are oriented toward and governed by the demand and hard to outsource abroad. For example, as long as people eat, there will be a need for cooks. With older generations retiring and newer ones being university-oriented, there is a shortage of skilled labor everywhere. Also, many perks come with the jobs since the employers are trying all the more to attract employees and keep them.

You Can Learn the Skills Employers Actually Value!
The discrepancy between school curriculums and the realities of the jobs have pushed the school and employers to cooperate. Many trade schools these days work together with employers to create a curriculum that will satisfy the needs of the jobs. This practice has proven especially useful for trades in the fields of healthcare and technology.

You’ll Start Working Much Sooner
Students can earn a trade school certificate in half the time they would need to obtain a university degree. Add to that lesser costs, and work experience that trade schools supply for their students, they are proving to be one of the quickest ways to successful monetary outcomes [2].

Trade School Are Evolving
In the past trade schools were reserved for more handy professions such as welders, cooks, concrete layers, mechanics, etc. Nowadays, trade schools offer many courses for jobs that previously required a university degree. Now, you can go to a trade school to earn a certificate in IT sector as a Computer Specialist or a Web Developer. You can train to be in the medical field as a Radiation Therapist, Nuclear Medicine or Cardiovascular Technologist. These are just a taste of what you can do [3].

If we have tickled your imagination with these top 5 reasons to enroll in a trade school, you should know there is so much more to learn about it. Dive into research yourself! Decide on a field you would like to work in, look up at least three or four different trade schools, compare and contrast their offers, and then take the first step toward your future calling.




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